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Book, US Army Aircraft from 1908-1946, 64 pgs heavily illustrated, full of facts, new

$ 6.50


Book, USAF Aircraft from 1947-56, 32 pgs, heavily illustrated, full of facts, (Fahey), new

$ 6.50


Fahey's Ships & Aircraft of the US fleet, 1939, '41, '42 & '45 editions, 208 total pgs in 4 volumes, foremost authority on Naval aviation, comes with special container SET/4

$ 34


Bombardiers info file, most informative publication on bombing every produced, excellent reproduction

$ 18.95


Gunners info file, most informative publication on aircraft gunnery ever produced, these are excellent reproductions at a fraction of the cost

$ 18.95


Drill and Exercise of Command, Air Force ROTC dated 1951, 187 pgs, excellent condition

$ 15


USAAF reference manual for personal equipment officers, June 1945, 306pgs, 100s of illustrations on late war flying clothing & equipment, excellent reprint

$ 18.95


AAF Pilot Information File, 250 pgs of everything a pilot needed to know, fully illustrated, excellent reprint

$ 18.95


AAF Radio Operators Information File, contains instructions for all types of aircraft radios, fully illustrated, excellent reprint

$ 18.95


AAF Navigators Information File, pertains to all aspects of air navigation, fully illustrated/excellent reprint.

$ 18.95


AAF Radar Observer's Bombardment Information File, contains info on the use of radar, security measures, radar navigation & more, illustrated, excellent reprint

$ 18.95


AAF use of oxygen & oxygen equipment, fully illustrated manual of masks, regulators, systems & equipment, about 1943, excellent repro

$ 8.95


Operation & Service Instructions "Parachutes" WWII, fully illustrated, 1943 edition, covers harnesses, packs, hardware, use & care, etc., excellent repro

$ 10.95


Book, Power for Aircraft, 1956, 58 pgs, published by the CAP

$ 5


Programmed Text UT-1 Flight Procedures, 1967, very good condition

$ 10


F-16 A & B general vehicle manual, w/binder, very good condition

$ 145


F-16A & B flight manual w/binder, excellent condition

$ 125


C-47 flight manual, dated 9/18/64, brand new

$ 35


The Infantry Platoon and Squad (Infantry, Airborne, Air Assault & Ranger) FM7-8, 12/31/80, approx 150 pgs., very good condition

$ 35


First day cover saluting the 50th anniversary of Supersonic Flight, this cover flown at Mach I by Brig. Gen. "Chuck" Yeager and signed by Gen. Yeager, cancelled Edwards AFB, CA

$ 65 ea


Hitler autograph, sp. photo, approx 18 x 32 framed

$ 700

F-164 Complete set of manuals for T-34A aircraft, includes flight manual, maintenance tech manual, structural repair & illustrated parts manual, dated 1960, very good condition $ 475


WWII manual, Norden Bombsight, maintenance & calibration, very detailed info, excellent reproduction

$ 18.95


WWII manual, Student Bombing Manual, restricted info for bombing students, excellent reproduction

$ 17.95


Parts book binder for USN PBM-3 Patrol bomber, has PPM silhouette & Martin "Star" embossed, new

$ 15 ea


T-34B Flight handbook, dated 1/56, very good condition

$ 125


C-47/R4D-1 Flight Handbook, dated 1/57, very good condition

$ 95


T-33A Flight handbook, dated 8/57, very good condition

$ 105


Clock and watch Ordinance Maintenance tech manual, covers all aspects of repair and maintenance, 222 pgs, excellent reproduction

$ 18.95


Pilot Training Manual for the B-25J,  170 pgs, AAf manual #50-11, excellent reproduction

$ 18.95


Pilots Flight Operating Instructions for C-47, C-47A & C-47B, 150 pgs, excellent reproduction

$ 13.95


Pilot Training Manual for the P-47 Thunderbolt, 96 pgs, AAF manual #50-5, excellent reproduction

$ 13.95


Pilot Training Manual for the P-51 Mustang, 122 pgs, early manual for B & C, also D, reproduction

$ 13.95


Pilot Training Manual for the P-40, 93 pgs, excellent reproduction

$ 13.95


To Fly and Fight - Memoirs of a "Triple Ace" by Col. C. E. "Bud" Anderson, 1999 edition, 302 pgs, autographed by Col. Anderson, brand new

$ 45


PB4Y-2 factory manual, Hydraulics, very good condition



PB4Y-2 factory manual, Electricity, very good condition



PB4Y-2 factory manual, Power Plant, very good condition



PB4Y-2 factory manual, General service notes, covers all systems and structures to operate the PB4Y-2, 327 pages, dated 5/45,  very rare



B-24/PB4Y-2 Emergency procedure Manual, 40 Pages, very good condition, rare



B-24 factory manual, Electricity, very good condition


F-221 B-24 factory manual; hydraulics, loose binder - hardest to find, (1) only $ 75.


B-24 factory manual, Power Plant, very good condition



Pilot training manual for the B-24 Liberator, A wealth of knowledge and photos, excellent reproduction

$ 18.95 


Airplane Commander training manual for the B-29 Superfortress, all you want to know about the B-29, great reference material, excellent reproduction

$ 18.95 


The gadget digest, illustrated manual of special maintenance devices developed for field usage. Short cuts, special tools and etc., well illustrated, excellent reproduction

$ 22.95

F-230 F-82 Twin Mustang pilots flight handbook, excellent reproduction of rare manual $  12.95
F-231 B-26 Martin Marauder pilots flight handbook, excellent reproduction, as usual! $  12.95
F-232 AT-6 Texan, pilot flight handbook, also excellent reproduction - full of information! $  12.95
F-233 P-39 Air Cobra pilots fight handbook, excellent reproduction $  10.95
F-234 Pilots flight manual for F4U Corsair, covers the F4U-1D, FG-1D and the Brewster built F3A model, excellent reproduction $  12.95
F-235 P-38 Lightning pilot training manual, dated December 1944, fully illustrated, excellent reproduction $  12.95
F-240 P-63C pilots flight operating instructions manual, 52 pages fully illustrated, reproduction $  12.95
F-241 B-25C & D pilots handbook of flight operating instructions, 84 pages, illustrated, 11/42, reproduction $  14.95
F-242 B-17F & G pilots flight operating instructions, 109 pages, illustrated, dated 8/43, reproduction $  14.95
F-243 Ford Tri-motor poster produced by the EAA, large black & white photo with 6" metal ID plate from Ford Motor Company, 16" x 20", new $  23.00
F-244 B-17F pilots flight operating instructions, 157 pages, dated 12/25/42, excellent reproduction copy $  18.95
F-245 FM-2 Wildcat pilots handbook of flight operating instructions, 63 pages, dated 6/15/45, excellent reproduction copy $  12.95
F-246 P-61A & C black widow pilots flight operating instructions, 66 pages, dated 5/05/44, excellent reproduction copy of very rare manual $  12.95
F-249 Mustang Survivors - complete new book documenting all surviving P-51's.  Includes military history, civil ownership records and extensive photo coverage.  Author Paul Coggan, 250 color & black & white photos, 176 pages. $ 29.95
F-250 Pilots flight handbook, Navy model TBM-3 aircraft, 98 pages with photos, excellent reproduction $  12.95
F-251 XXI Bomber Command Combat Crew Manual, covers bombing, radio work, gunnery, intelligence & more, dated May 1945, 392 pages, excellent reproduction $  18.95
F-252 WWII USAAF Interchangeability & Cross Reference manual.  Covers instruments, engine parts & accessories & much more, 223 pages, dated December 1943, excellent reproduction $  18.95
F-254 AT-17 and UC-78 Pilots Flight Operating Instructions, 41 pages, dated 8/05/43, excellent reproduction copy $   9.95
F-255 BT-13A/SNV-1 Pilots Flight Operating Instructions, 46 pages, dated 3/15/43 - revised 10/10/44, excellent reproduction copy $   9.95
F-256 PT-19, 23 & 26 Pilots Flight Operating Instructions, 38 pages, dated 4/10/43 - revised 7/05/43, excellent reproduction copy $   9.95
F-257 Aircraft recognition manual, (Army, Navy, USAF & Marines) dated 6/59, includes UK, USSR & others, good condition $ 110.
F-260 Pilots information file, issued to every pilot-bomber on fighter, a wealth of knowledge $ 155.
F-265 PB4Y-2 factory manual set, consists of the following:  Flight Manual Electricity, Hydraulics, Power Plant, Airplane General/Armament, set of 5, hardbound manuals printed by Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Corp., all in very good condition, rare - full set $ 425.
F-266 B-24 pilot training manual, published for AAF headquarters, Office of Flying Safety, dated Oct. 1944, 262 pages, original copy in excellent condition $ 295.
F-267 B-24D factory manual set, consists of the following:  Electricity, Flight, Power Plant, Hydraulics, Radio, Airplane General & Armament, set of 7, hardbound manuals, printed by Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Corp., all in very good condition, rare set $ 550.
F-268 B-25 C & D pilots flight handbook, issued by North American Aviation, approx 6" x 10", rare $ 175.


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