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X-2 P-63 prop spinner, spinner only - no bulkhead (backing plate), brand new $ 850.00
X-13 USN blimp prop hub, shank size 1 1/2", shaft 30, Dwg. #5904-L, new with clamps, 3 bladed hub $ 1,300.
X-14 24D50 hub group, all parts brand new, (dome is not included) complete set-up $13,500.
X-15 24D50 dome assembly, complete assembly with all new or yellow-tagged parts $11,500.
X-16 24D50 parts for sale - we have support blocks, segmented gears, extension shafts & much more P.O.R.
X-23 Prop spinner for Staggerwing Beech, this is the dome only - no bulkhead supports, no dents or damage $ 375.
X-27 P-63 Aero Products prop blades, P/N A2891106, these blades are of the last design change $28,000.
X-30 Curtiss Electric prop decal, large 5" decal used on P-40, P-38, etc., black with orange & silver lettering, brand new - reproduction $  6. ea
X-31 Aeroproducts prop decal, used on P-39, P-63, B-26, P-47, etc., cream colored with red & black lettering, brand new - reproduction $   6. ea
X-32 Hamilton Standard prop decal, yellow w/black lettering (Hamilton Aero Mfg. Co.) $  4.25 ea
X-33 Hamilton Standard prop decal, 1932-1952, E. Hartford, Ct., correct for WWII and Korea $  5.75 ea
X-34 Hamilton Standard prop decal, 1953 un til ???, Windsor Locks, Ct. $  5.25 ea
X-35 Hamilton Standard prop decal, same as all of the above, just no city of manufacturer $  5.25 ea
X-38 T-28A Aero Products propeller, complete with regulator, no log books, servicable? $2,800.
X-41 6167A-15 prop with 2D30 hub assembly, will sell complete assembly or blades separate?  Blades OHC, hub assembly new $2,500.
X-42 Corsair, Hellcat & TBM prop blade, (1) blade only, serviceable or static $  750.
X-44 Hub, spider & dome assemblies available for Corsairs, Hellcats & TBM's, brand new P.O.R.
X-45 Hamilton Standard prop governor for Pratt 1830 engine, H/S P/N 4G8-G23F-1, brand new - dated 12/44 $ 275.
X-46 Hamilton-Standard letter opener, 10" replica of the H/S steel propeller used on the 1927 Spirit of St. Louis, new - boxed $   29.
X-47 Hamilton- Standard prop nut tool, HSP 666-J, fits all D & E series prop nuts, brand new $  155.
X-51 B-17/B-24 Hamilton Standard prop blade, no damage - just under limits for a serviceable aircraft, static only $    750.
X-55 50 spline prop shaft assembly from R-2600, makes perfect prop stand or whatever? new? $     275.
X-58 P-51 prop assembly for static display only, complete prop assembly using all non-airworthy original parts, fully detailed - ready for the ultimate P-51 display $  8,500.
X-60 AN5008-50A rear cone, fits C-47, B17, B-24, B-25, P-51, etc., NOS $        85.
X-61 AN5008-60A rear cone, fits R-2800's & 3350's, NOS $       140.
X-62 6167A-15 prop blades, used, very good condition $       900. ea
X-63 6167A-12 prop blades, these are "brand new", never installed blades $    1,500. ea
X-64 6167A-9 prop blades, these are "brand new" never installed blades $    1,800. ea
X-65 6531A-15 prop blades, same as 6167 blades, made for hydromatic installation - not counter weight, brand new blades $    1,200. ea
X-69 P-51 cuffed prop blade from lake crash in Florida, WWII accident, blades are corroded & approx. 3' long, static only $       375. ea
X-70 P-51 prop blades, brand new production AVIA 6547A-6  blades, ready for immediate delivery, set of (4) blades $73,472.
X-71 P-51 hub, spider & dome assembly, 24D50, all parts are "brand new" and yellow-tagged, just add blades or I can sell you blades? $25,000.
X-74 23E50 "fast acting" rotating cam, P/N 57258, a must for single engine - hi-performance aircraft, brand new, (3) available $   375. ea
X-76 23E50 extension shaft, used in single engine hi-performance applications, brand new, P/N 52940 $   545. ea
X-77 23E50/24D50 dome shell, P/N 52477, used on everything from a B-17, B-24, B-25, C-47 to a P-51, brand new - in box $   175. ea
X-78 33E60 distributer valve, P/N 55497, these are brand new - still boxed $   225.
X-79 12D40 hub, barrel halves only, NOS $   800.
X-80 12D40 spider, NOS $   450.
X-81 33D50 hub, spider & dome assembly complete with extension shaft, all serviceable $2,900.
X-82 P-51 prop spinner, AVIA, new production $19,300.
X-84 6359A-18 prop assembly, fits B-25/A-26, hub, spider & dome assembly - brand new, blades guaranteed servicable $ 9,000.
X-86 Prop tool, H/S 534-C, cam bearing nut wrench, fits 23E50, 24D50 & 43E60, brand new $   105.
X-87 We now have 6501A-0, 6507A-0 and 6541A-0 blades available, used blades sold as static or servicable   P.O.R.
X-88 Ground adjustable prop hub, fits Stearman, etc., servicable condition $   850.
X-90 Extension shaft, fits 43D50 (T-28 & S-2) H/S part number 82219, brand new - boxed $   575.
X-92 Extension shaft, P/N 82219, fits 33D50 for T-28 aircraft, brand new $   425.
X-94 23E50 w/6507A-0 blades, complete prop assy dated 1945, all parts NOS, never assembled, fits TBM, Corsair, etc., (2) props available $23,500 ea
X-95 6353A-18 prop blades, (3) blades per crate, brand new with sequential serial numbers dated 1945, B-17/C-47 tooth-pick blades $ 4,500 set
X-96 B-26 Marauder Curtiss Electric prop blade, P/N 814-263-18, (1) only available, very good condition $    850.
X-99 H/S prop hub, 30 spline, P/N 5406, appears to be N.O.S. $    850.
X-100 Ham/Std prop feathering switch, brand new $     16.
X-102 24E60 W/6501A-0 prop blades, complete prop assy all "brand new" $ 42,500.
X-104 6511A-9 blades, square tipped, serviceable, fits Lodestar, Zero, Otter, SBD, Wildcat & Yak $  4,500 ea
X-105 6931A-18 blades, OHC cond., no paper work, fits T-28 $  4,500 ea
X-106 6547A-17S blades, serviceable, T-28 Fennec $  4,300 ea
X-107 P-51 cuffed prop blades, (4) blades, these are cuffed 7007 blades by RSW, STC by Tri-State Aviation, complete OHC by San Antonia Propeller, ready to install or will sell as complete prop? $79,000.
X-108 B-29 Hamilton Standard prop hub, 24F60 hub only, with bolts and nuts, NOS $4,200.

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