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Parachute harness (riser) dated Jan 1982, looks to be brand new, USAF issue, Type BA-18, complete w/pack assembly

$ 135


MA-2 Torso harness, NAVY, excellent condition, new?

$ 115


CPU-15/P Aramid cutaway anti-G chaps, excellent condition, 1982

$ 65


Parachute pack tray, complete less cover panel, dated 1953, new

$ 55


Parachute back pads for early 50's aircraft, has instructions for adjustment in white cloth panel

$ 40


Light, emergency sea rescue marker, Type J-2, drop it in the water & it lights up, brand new, dated 1960

$ 8 ea


USAF air crewman mittens, Type N-2, leather, Korean War era, very good condition

$ 20 pair


Parachute harness assy., manufactured 8/86, brand new

$ 350


Parachute harness assy., manufactured 8/76, very good condition

$ 225


Parachute harness, dated 1982, excellent condition

$ 225


Parachute container, Type NB-8, de-milled, excellent condition otherwise, dated 1976

$ 60


Parachute container, Type NB-8, excellent condition, not de-milled (government over-aged), dated 1978

$ 165


Suspenders, USAF green, early w/meatball, new

$ 10 pair


Parachute pilot chute, approx 13" diameter, bright yellow canvas, dated 1952, new

$ 10 ea


Seat pack assemblies w/built-in O2 bottles, U-shaped O2 bottle, complete, dated '59

$ 45 ea


Parachute harness & back pack tray less chute, current issue, brand new

$ 145


Ammo boost motor w/complete feed assy., F-86?, new

$ 45


Radar altimeter, ID 1015A/APN-141V, current jet

$ 30 ea


50 cal bore sight for F-4 Phantom, complete & working

$ 75 ea


Current issue sage green flight suits, 36R & 38R, very good condition

$ 35 ea


Tinted visor - Mk IV high altitude helmet, A. F. helmet new

$ 20 ea


Pilots clear visor, Vietnam era, new

$ 12 ea


Korean era parachute, back cushions, used

$ 15


Pilots clear visor, current issue, new

$ 15 ea


B-57 stainless steel ammo box, used

$ 35


Visor, dark green tinted, w/set screw & middle top, new

$ 15


Irvin "back pack" parachute pack, no harness, post-war, very good condition

$ 65


Sun visor for APH-5A helmet, tinted, brand new

$ 15


Under wing gun pod for Korean era jet?, twin guns (50 cal or 20mm?) application unknown

$ 225


XP-84 ammo box, stainless steel, approx 42" long, w/ lids and rollers, neat part from experimental aircraft

$ 45 ea


Fuel gauge, reads 0 to 3600 lbs, 2" gauge, new

$ 35


Orange flight suits, Type CWU-28P, "Indian Orange", good condition, only (3) available

$ 45


Flyers kit bag, dated 1972, very good condition

$ 45


German Seat pack parachute, complete assembly less the silk, very good condition (Post-war?)

$ 175


Distress marker light, amber, single battery, part of survival kit, dated 1977, new

$ 6 ea


Mig 17 ammo box, removed from Chinese built Mig 17, large box with Chinese markings

$ 85

T-204 Visor for APH-5 flying helmet, packed with cloth sleeve, brand new $  25. ea
T-205 Sizing liners for APH-5 helmet, all available, new $   5. ea
T-210 F-84F Thunderstreak clam-shell gear doors, large gear door covering tire, new condition $ 125. ea
T-212 Flare gun from Czech Republic, used in Migs & L-39's, dated 1951-1965, excellent condition $  85.
T-214 Type MXU5/P pilots lighted clip board, good over-all condition $  20.
T-216 Russian flight helmet, complete with headsets, microphones with harness & tinted visor.  Also, has logbook dated 1991, carrying bag & extra earcups/chin strap, very good condition $ 225.
T-218 C-130 cockpit light, complete with base and (2) hinged sections, very good condition, (3) avail $  35.
T-219 B-8 stick grip with amplinol adapter, appears to be new, as still sealed, (1) only $ 235.
T-220 B-8 stick grip, no adapter, used condition, no damage or demilling $ 175.
T-229 T-28 pilot seat, complete assembly - not de-milled - little surface rust on the springs $ 450.
T-231 Gun-Bomb-Rocket sight, Type A-1C mfgd. by Sperry for the F-84, F-86 & F-94  This was the first time a common sight was used for all three functions, brand new $ 245.
T-234 Visor, helmet clear lens, P/N 8415-933-9282, dated 7/68, brand new $  20. each
T-235 T-2 Buckeye throttle quadrant, last overhaul was Quanset Point Naval Air Station, very good condition $  225.
T-236 Venom main landing gear, complete assemblies - new condition, sold as pairs only $2800.
T-238 B-52F flight computer, complete with carrying case and operating instructions, dated April 1958, brand new assembly $   45.
T-239 T-38 throttle quadrant, as removed from the famous Talon trainer, very good condition $ 325.
T-240 "Remove Before Flight" red plastic banner with safety clip, brand new $     8. ea
T-242 The following is being offered as a package deal.  All items belonged to Major Dave Walker, USAF and are in excellent condition.  Helmet HGU-55/P with MBU-5/P mask, complete with avionics and tinted shield, comes with flyers helmet bag, helmet skull cap and (2) clear shields.  Anti-G garment, cutaway, CSU-13B/P, size Med. R jacket, flyers CWU-36/P, size Med R jacket, flyers CWU-36/.P, size small with name tag and gold oak leaf clusters.  Coveralls, flyers, men, summer, Type 27/P, sage green, sealed oakleaf clusters, 38 short.  All of the above, PACKAGE DEAL  $775.  
T-243 USN A-3 Sky Warrior ejection seats.  I have (3) available, all (3) different, very good condition $    375. ea
T-244 Pilot/Co-pilot seat, complete with slide tracks, inertia reels, etc., very good  condition $     285. ea
T-246 P-80C canopy assembly, this is "brand new", excellent condition, (1) only available $  2,800.
T-247 T-2 Buckeye instrument panel, no instruments, very good condition $     125.
T-248 F-86 rotating brake disc, brand new, sold separately or as a ship set $   65. set
T-249 Type MD-1A white shoulder harness, 2" harness, brand new $   45.
T-250 Lighted knee board, Type MXU-163/P, appears new, (1) only $   45.


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