Warbird Parts and Memorabilia  

Headgear, Oxygen Masks & Clothing

 Item  Item Description   Price  
B-4 A-9 oxygen mask body, WWII issue, new $ 45
B-26 Variable density gunners goggles, new in original tin boxes & have flip-up red lenses $ 85
B-32 Type B-2 mechanics apron, new $ 10
B-34 Electric inserts for flying boots, new, AAF meatball $ 10
B-39 WWII chrome parachute D-rings, 2 pin design $ 4
B-45 Lenses for AN-6530 goggles or B-7, new, American Optical, green $ 25 pair
B-46 Lenses for AN-6530 goggles, clear lens mfgd. by American Optical, brand new $ 25 pair
B-47 Lenses for AN-6530 goggles, amber lens mfgd. by American Optical, brand new $ 35 pair
B-60 Type F-3A electric heated flying trousers, size med-reg, new, still wrapped $ 50
B-112 A-8A oxygen mask black plastic face plate, new $ 2
B-119 Intermediate flying trousers Type A-11A, AAF, good condition $ 65
B-140 Officer dress cap covers, WWII issue, various sizes, brand new $ 20 ea
B-161 A-2 leather jacket, size 38, has 6" breast patch with B-24 and Wolfe leather name tag sewn on, very good condition $1450.00
B-162 A-2 leather jacket, size 38, has leather name tag sewn on, excellent condition $1200.00
B-163 USN leather jacket, Type M444A, size 40, fleece lined, very good over-all condition $ 375.
B-167 Green flying jacket (light zone) Type L-28, 38th Bombardment wing patch, command pilot winged name tag, very early issue, very good condition $ 225.
B-168 Green flying suit, light weight, Type K-2B, size medium short, very good condition with name tag $  65.
B-171 Flying suit (very light), Type K-1, size 34-36, very good over-all condition $  85.
B-172 Black leather boots, lace-up type with knife sheath on outside of left boot, Vietnam era, very good condition $  45.
B-180 Fishing kit - for hand fishing in fresh or salt water - olive drab - complete with contents, good condition $  55.
B-182 O-1B heated clothing rheostat, NOS $ 35.
B-183 O-1B heated clothing rheostat, appear new - some need detailing, very good condition $ 25.
B-184 AN6530 goggles with new pads, straps and clear lenses, very good condition, (2) pair available $275 pr
B-185 WWII seat pack parachute assy. last repacked in 1972, very good condition $825
B-186 Aircraft microphone, NAF Type T-38E, new $    22.



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