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Bombsights, Gun sights and Armament



Item Description



Norden bomb sight w/X-1 reflex head/completely restored, cosmetically for static display only, excellent condition

$ 1950.


C-1 stabilizer, restored cosmetically to new condition

$ 1450

A-8 Norden bomb sight rubber eyepiece, exact repo of original part, looks & fits perfect! $ 55.
A-12 B-11 bomb shackle, stainless steel, 1,100 lb. capacity, excellent condition, surplus B-52 $ 55.


N-3C fixed non-computing sight, used in B-25, B-26, late T-6's, NEW CONDITION

$ 125


50 Caliber Steel ammo links, loose count

$ 0.10 ea

A-16 50 cal display ammo, shiny brass, new projectiles with spent primer, finest available, bulk quantity discount available for orders of 100 rounds or more $ 3.25 ea


Type E-10 Edgewater adapter, used in most turret applications, new

$ 425.00


Sighting head for Mk 18 computing sight system for turrets/brand new

$ 215


Martin 250 turret control assy., used in B-24's, B-26's, PV-2's & etc., good condition

$ 195


B3A intervalometer for bombardiers compartment, used in all bombers, used

$ 55


Crocker-Wheeler turret, bracket for mounting A-9 oxygen regulator to main pedestal, used

$ 15


Crocker-Wheeler turret controls for AT-11, complete pedestal assembly approx 37" long, Maxon controls, good condition

$ 135


Crocker-Wheeler panel contains rheostat for heated clothing and B-7 cockpit light, complete

$ 25


Crocker-Wheeler complete set of drive gear assemblies, each unit sold separately

$ 20 ea


Bomb Arming Control, Type A-2, used to arm the bomb as it is released from the shackle, new

$ 8


Type G-11gun solenoid, used as the electrical trigger for a remote mounted 50 cal gun such as wing guns,  turret  guns, etc., brand new

$ 45


 Type G-9 gun solenoid, electric trigger control for 50 cal guns as used in most fighter wing guns, brand new

$ 45 ea


Mk 10 Mod O gun sight with Mk 18 range unit, new, in large shipping cans

$ 325


B-36 bomb racks, (3) racks in brand new condition complete w/hooks, brackets, etc.(3) 

$ 750


Trunion adapter for M-2 aircraft 50 cal machine gun, needed to install gun in aircraft, new

$ 75 ea


Martin 250 turret parts - sprockets, gear boxes, firing interrupters & etc. for B-24's, B-26's & PV-2's



Bomb release, Type D-2 used in P-39, P-63 & A-26, new

$ 15


N-9 reflector gun sight, used in P-51's & A-26's, fully restored, mint condition very rare

$ 225 ea


Bomb arming control Type AN-A2, complete w/cannon connector still boxed

$ 8 ea


Bomb rack, Type S-3, S.S. dated 1953

$ 45


Bomb shackle, Type D-6, 2000 lb w/30" hooks, AAC

$ 75


Bomb shackle, Mk IV 100 lb - 1000 lb bomb, new

$ 45 ea


Korean jet ammo box , SS, @ 38" long, marked w/loading diagram - wing guns, VG condition

$ 35 ea


Bomb & chemical  tank rack, manufactured by Douglas Aircraft Corp., approx size of B-7 shackle

$ 45


50 cal ammo booster feed, manufactured by Hughes Aircraft Co/Model M-1, reversible, brand new, WWII

$ 25 ea


Bombsight equipment data book, 16 pg log book found on all Norden bomb sights, excellent reproduction

$ 10


Warning tag for Norden bombsight, attached to gyro caging knob, 3" x 6", rare, excellent reproduction

$ 5


Computer unit for K-9 gun sight, used in Martin upper turret, new, in original crate

$ 195.


Azimuth & Elevation turret drive motor, model SBA50GJ1, used in Martin 250 upper turrets, Emerson nose turret & Bendix  upper turrets, new

$ 75

A-217 K-7 waist gun mount, new - no boxes, need cosmetic clean-up, very good condition $ 750


Bomb rack for SB2C, under wing type, P/N 84-63058, new

$ 65


B-2 torpedo director, used in PBJs, etc., new

$ 155 ea

A-256 Front gun mount for most fighter applications, Type A-1A, complete with bolt & spring, brand new $115


Gun trunion, Type A-3, fits 30 & 50 cal guns, new

$ 75


Gun mount post assy., Type A-4, fits 30 & 50 cal guns, new

$ 75


B-17 blast deflector for chin turrets, repro

$ 35 ea


50 Caliber Aircraft Cooling Jacket, WWII design, brand New

$ 125.00 ea


50 cal slide group assembly for turret application  (Martin 250, Sperry Ball, etc.), new

$ 85


A-26 wing gun ammo box, 2 compartments, phenolic, excellent condition

$ 65


A-26 nose gun ammo box, phenolic, retractable carrying handles, new condition

$ 65

A-308 Grumman F-7F Tigercat, S.S. ammo box, approx 40" long, 50 cal ammo box, very good condition $ 75


Grumman Aft. outboard ammo box, aluminum, 300 rounds, very good condition

$ 125


Douglas A4M ammo box, heavy aluminum, 20mm, 123 rounds

$ 125


20 mm ammo feed motor, stainless steel good condition

$ 65


Rounds counter, electronic counter for rounds remaining in gun ammo box, 4 1/2 x 1 1/2 box, new

$ 15


Misc. ammo boxes from bomber crashes, damaged and bent, souvenirs only

$ 35


C-1 bombsight stabilizer recovered from scrapping operation in Melbourne, Aust., complete "as is" condition

$ 950 ea


Gun sight light bulb, Westinghouse #837 (Mazda #844), fits N-3 series, N-6A, N-8A and MK9, brand new

$ 10.00 ea


Bomb shackle, Type D-6, stainless steel, 30" hook spacing, fits 2,000lb. bomb, AAF

$ 65.00 ea


Selector dimmer switch for MK 18 gun sight, new

$ 25.00 ea

A-385 USN bomb shackle, MK IV Mod 1, electrically operated, stainless steel, very good condition $  85. ea
A-386 Selector dimmer switch for K-14B gunsight, brand new assemblies $ 110.
A-388 K-13 computing gunsight,, used in the waist position on the B-17G, brand new $ 235.
A-396 30 cal rear buffer assembly, pistol grip type, not demilled, good condition $  75. ea
A-406 Bomb sight disk speed indicator, Type MKXV mfgd. by Totco, USN-Bureau of Ordinance, has case but missing both attachments, very good condition $ 175.
A-407 USN hydraulic gun charger, mounted in the cockpit - remote operation, brand new $  55.
A-408 USN hydraulic gun charger, same as above only these are "used condition" $  35.
A-411 Gunsight selector dimmer rheostat, USN Bu Ord, Mk23 Mod 0, looks new, (1) only $ 125.
A-413 GE Mazda gunsight light bulb, fits all Mk8 gunsights & Mk 30 Torpedo directors, brand new $  12.50 ea
A-418 USN Mk50 Mod 5 bomb racks, 25 - 500 lb capacity, 24 volt, 1 pr only (1 only available) $ 225.
A-419 USN Mk50 Mod 5 bomb rack, same as above except this is "rare" factory cut-a-way, brand new (1) only $ 175.
A-422 50 cal slide group assembly, this uses the cable operated chargers as used on B-17/B-24 ball turrets, brand new - 2 only $ 145. ea
A-424 B-24 Emerson nose turret amplidyne generator assembly, appears to be in good condition $  95.
A-426 Emerson upper turret firing interrupter, appears to be new, (1) only $ 145.
A-427 USN Mk IV Mod 1, electric trigger control, 24 volt, very rare, only (2) available $  65. ea
A-428 USAAC gun firing solenoid, Type E-4, very early & rare, new, only (1) available $  65.
A-429 Crocker-Wheeler turret, Type A-8, used in AT-11 aircraft as a twin 30 cal training turret, complete turret assembly less the dome, very good condition $6,500.
A-435 Gun-Bomb-Rocket sight, Type A-1C, mfgd. by Sperry for the F-84, F-86, F-100 & F-105's.  This was the first time a common sight was used for all three functions, brand new $ 245.
A-442 Vickers pump assembly for Sperry ball turret, Model AA16801A, brand new $ 245.
A-443 B-29 drive gear assembly for turret, mfgd. by General Railway Signal Co., P/N W-8258225-G5, new $   90.
A-444 Emerson turret motor, Type D50ET 212 04, used condition, from B-24 nose turret $   95.
A-445 GE turret motor for B-29 turret, model 5BA50LJ60, new $   60.
A-446 GE turret motor with gear case for B-29 aircraft, model 5BA50LJ60, new $ 135.
A-447 GE turret motor for B-29 aircraft, P/N 5BA40NJ41, new assembly $   65.
A-450 Station distributor, MKV Mod. O, very good condition $  65.
A-451 Control amplifier for stabilized turrets, P/N656346, very good $  45.
A-453 Retiflector gunsight for the B-29 ring sighting station, Type Des. 165 Mod O, complete with wire harness & plug, dated 1945, new? $ 135.
A-454 Turret control/bomb release switch, mfgd. by Square D, Type 981, brand new $   10. ea
A-455 B-29 L.H. blister sighting station, 2CSR3B2, mfgd. by General Electric, complete with harness & selsyns, very good condition, (1) only $  475.
A-457 K-14B gunsight, used in late P-51's in WWII, cosmetically restored - excellent condition $   485.
A-458 K-14C gunsight, used in Korean era P-51's and the P-80 Shooting Star, cosmetically restored - excellent condition $   425.
A-459 Trigger switch, Class 9390 Type 981, mfgd. by Square D, probably turret control, new $     10.
A-461 Canvas bag, metallic belt link, Type D34338 mfgd. by Boyt, dated 1943, NOS $      35.
A-463 Station selector, Mk 2 Mod 2, USN, for dropping bombs as singles or pairs, new? $     75.
A-467 30 cal gun mount with pentel post assembly, appears all "brand new", missing rear portion with grips, very rare $  1,150.
A-468 30 cal ammo box, stainless steel, appear to be "brand new" $       45. ea
A-470 A-26 periscopic gunsight, this is a "brand new" gunsight, still crated from 1945, all original container, 6 1/2' x 24" x 24", truck fgt. $  1,850.
A-471 Hellcat ammo boxes, removed from Florida crash at Green Cove Springs, has corrosion $       95. ea
A-472 Ammo box, upright, metal construction, has 180 round capacity, (1) only available $       65.
A-475 K-3 computer gunsight as used only in the B-17 aircraft turret, rare, brand new $       425.
A-476 Under wing bomb rack, early WWII USAAC Type G-2, 24 volt, NOS, (2) available $       525.
A-477 Bomb/torpedo lifting slings, 500/600 lb. capacity, white cotton, brand new $         45.
A-479 Emerson turret ampliene assemblysas used in B-24J turret nose turrets, complete assembly for (1) turret, appears new $        675.
A-480 ABC bombsight computer assembly for your C-1 stabilizer, brand new - (1) only available $        375.
A-483 Reflector head for N-9 gunsight, this is the correct head as used in the P-51 Mustang, exact repo, limited quantity $        225.
A-484 50 cal ammo feed chute, approx 62" long, appears to be new? $       155.
A-486 Type L-21A bomb release, 2 lever mechanism for release of bombs, used in most AAF applications, brand new $        65
A-488 Mk8 Mod 8 gunsight, does not have light source, very good condition $    225.
A-492 30 Cal replica machine gun, Type 1919, mfgd. by Aero Guns using original parts, does not require a license to own, very good condition $ 1300.
A-493 Pentel and post mount, as used on military vehicles, not aircraft, excellent condition $  375.
A-496 Torpedo director, Type B-2, used in USN B-25's, very rare, new - still boxed $  185.
A-498 Gun heater, Type J-4, electric heater used in all fighter applications, these are brand new $   70. ea


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