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B-24 Inventory

The following parts were recovered from a source in Southwest Canada. The parts listed below were all from L & M model B-24s. These planes were all assembled at the Willow Run Plant and flown only 2 hours to their final destination. 12 of the original 15 aircraft were scrapped almost immediately after the wars end. The other 3 were scrapped over the past 35 years. Most parts are in very good condition.
 Item  Item Description   Price  
PA-5 Complete on-board heater assembly $ 75
PA-13 Rudder servo unit $ 75
PA-15 De-icer pump control handle assembly $ 25
PA-18 Pilots retractable cockpit lights $ 20
PA-31 Mk18 dimmer switch $ 25
PA-32 Mk18 azimuth unit $ 25
PA-33 Mk18 range unit $ 25
PA-36 Slave cylinder w/bracket, approx 3' long $ 35
PA-37 B--24 cowl flap jack screw, model 500-F, coded RED, very good condition $ 35
PA-38 B-24 oxygen panel assembly, complete with regulator, early flow indicator and plumbing, very good condition $ 65.
PC-3 K-9 gun sight for the Martin upper turret, brand new, computer only $ 135
PC-7 B-24 wing tip & horizontal canvas covers, very large, new $ 140
PC-17 Hydraulic accumulators, new condition  $ 35 ea
PC-25 B-24 rheostat, Type M-1 w/control knob, GK32B8882, new $ 10 ea
PC-32 B-24/PB4Y-2 master brake cylinder, very good condition $ 85 ea
PC-33 Reflector lamp for B-24, P/N 32E1242-2, new $ 12 ea
PC-37 Reflector lamp assembly, GK32E1242-2, used throughout the aircraft, brand new - still boxed $ 18 ea
PC-38 Fuel booster pump, TFD 8200, (GK32P-8847), brand new - still boxed $ 240
PD-1 B-24 waist gun window winterization kit, consists of (2) complete assemblies that attach from the outside of the aircraft, they seal  the waist position from the outside elements, brand new - rare $2850.


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