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P-51 Parts



Item Description



K-14B computing gun sight used in WWII & Korea, cosmetically restored,  excellent condition

$ 485


Rolls Royce starter, new condition, less gear drive

$ 125


12 1/2 x 4 1/2 tail wheel tires, channel tread nylon, Goodyear, Firestone & Uniroyal, brand new

$ 75


700 MPH air speed indicator, looks new

$ 95


C-6 fuel strainer used in all Mustang models, brand new, still wrapped

$ 65


Instrument panel for last series of Mustangs, instruments mount from the front, bare panel or complete w/14 instruments



P-51D instrument panel, latest revision, no instruments, new manufactured

$ 245


P-51 gun sight regulator, OHC condition, P/N 5581371

$ 125 ea


Tach drive adapter, Type AN4041, all P-51 series, new

$ 45 ea


P-51 fuel transfer valve, 3 position system, new?

$ 125 ea


P-51 front gun mount w/bolt, new, Type A-1A

$ 85


Type G-9 gun solenoid, new

$ 45


NAA tech rep phone number card, 6" x 8", repro

$ 2.50 ea


Center windshield glass, original factory glass, no delamination or chips, brand new

$ 625 ea

L-162 Windshield side glass, L & R (sold as a pair only) made of plexiglass - new manufactured - no distortion $ 950. pr


Merlin engine parts, static display only, from WWII scrap operation, cranks, rods, cylinders, rocker arms + more

$ P.O.R.

L-174 P-51 exhaust stack nut, stainless steel for large exhaust stude, brand new $ 5
L-213 Tail wheel knuckle post assembly, (tail gear axle) Fig. 21-5, 38G509-110, brand new $ 1150.
L-218 P-51 pistons as removed from blown-up engines - real visible damage $  65 ea
L-223 Hydraulic system accumulator, P/N 102-580540, very good used condition $ 175
L-227 High pressure prime tank, mfgd. by MacDonald Bros of Canada for cold weather starting, 2 IMP gallons, brand new $ 145.
L-230 Selector dimmer switch for K-14B gunsight as used in the P-51D, brand new $ 110.
L-231 Gun charger for P-51 wing guns, cable operated by armorer before take-off, NAA P/N 109-61122, brand new $  22. ea
L-235 P-51 brake master cylinder, P/N 102-354020, these are brand new $ 335.
L-236 Wing bomb rack/drop tank for P-51D, LH & RH available, sold as pair only $4035. pr
L-237 Wing bomb rack sway brace, P/N 122-63090, take (4) per aircraft, new $  55. ea
L-238 Wing bomb rack fairings, manufactured using carbon fiber composite materials, excellent reproduction item, sold as pairs only $ 785. pr
L-241 Merlin 1650-9 cam assemblies, complete w/racks, fingers & cams, excellent condition $7,000.
L-247 Mustang Survivors - complete new book documenting all surviving P-51's.  Includes military history, civil ownership records and extensive phot coverage.  Author Paul Coggan, 250 color & black & white photos, 176 pages. $  29.95
L-266 P-51 ammo feed chutes, (2) longs & (2) shorts, stainless steel with ends, sold as sets only, excellent condition $1,100.
L-294 AN5531-2 tach drive generator, Mil. OH - new $ 145.
L-298 AN5531-2 tach drive generator, used condition $  85.
L-306 APS-13 cockpit indicator lamp, Type ID-42A/APS-13, mounts in cockpit to signal approaching aircraft from the rear, brand new $  35.
L-318 Mechanical fuel pump drive for the Merlin engine, V-1650-7, RR P/N 605820, new $ 375.
L-342 Check out our new price on P-51 7" rotating disc, see H-122 $ 65. ea
L-343 P-51 steel brake disc, you need (20) discs per aircraft, brand new $ 95. ea
L-355 Parking brake compensator assembly, P/N 109-334040, Fig. 74-31, very good condition $ 125.
L-362 Rolls Royce Merlin supercharger automatic boost control, Fig. 44-1, P/N 620500, complete unit - brand new, limited quantity $1,500.
L-376 Coolant pop-off valve for P-51, originals no longer available, this is an excellent replacement made to exacting specs, fully adjustable, new item $ 450.
L-379 Gas caps for wing tanks on the P-51, brand new $  45.
L-380 12 1/2 x 4 1/2 tailwheel, 5 bolt wheel manufactured of aluminum billet, complete with  hubcap & felt seal, brand new $ 575.
L-385 Aluminum aux. tanks as removed from "Sumphin Else", used for ADI/race gas, 30 gal. aluminum tanks, custom built with P-51 gas caps $ 125. ea
L-386 Gunsight, Type K-14c, last of the K-14 series, used in Korean P-51's, etc., very good condition $  425.
L-388 Carb air boot, rubber seal between carb & intake duct, P/N 109-42055, brand new in NAA sealed packages $  425.
L-389 Northeast magneto for the V1650 engines, intake-Mag A,  these are brand new in the original boxes, affordable when compared to a Rotax $  275.
L-390 Northeast magneto for the V1650 engines, exhaust-Mag B, these are brand new in the original boxes, very few available $  550.
L-393 Carb induction screen with gaskets for the Merlin engine, brand new $  145.
L-394 Coolant pop-off valve, these are original pop-off valves manufactured by A. C., brand new - limited quantity $  485.
L-395 Lord mount steel washers, brand new $       5. ea
L-399 P51-H ammo loading diagram for inside of ammo door, brand new for H-model only $     55.
L-404 Hydraulic landing gear controllable check valve, P/N 106-58065, fig. 68-1, appears new $    235.
L-405 Single engine mag switch, P/N A800CDB, mfgd. by Joseph Pollak, (same as NAF3212-1), brand new in box $     275.
L-407 P-51 exhaust stack, fits 1650-7 engine, L & R available, brand new $      255. ea
L-418 Oil door actuator with diastat, military OHC, 1957, still crated $  1,750.
L-424 PE94C dynamotor with shock mount, used in conjunction with the SCR 522 trans., very good condition $      175.
L-425 SCR 522 transmitter, complete with shock mount and amphlenol adaptors, very good condition $      375.
L-426 P-51 paddle blade prop assembly, brand new Avia blades, 6547-A-6, complete with 24D50 hub, spider & dome assembly, (all brand new parts), complete prop assembly crated $98,500.
L-427 P-51 rocker arm (cam finger) as removed from running engines, very good condition $       35. ea
L-429 P-51 exhaust stack, L & R available, servicable condition, (5) available $      145. ea
L-434 P-51 inner exhaust shrouds, (1) piece assembly, comes as a set new mgd. $     785.
L-435 V-1650-9 exhaust stack nuts, yes - for the large studs on a -7 or -9, new mfgd., full set of 48 $     325.
L-436 P-51 spinner mounting bolt with spacers, new mfgd., takes (8) per spinner, these are the solid bolts that won't break $     340. set
L-437 Spinner bolt spacer, aluminum, (8) thin + (8) thick, full set, new mfgd. $       65.
L-440 Clamshell door actuator with mounting bracket, P/N 106-580411, very good condition $     245.
L-442 A-7 cockpit light for the P-51, Grimes P/N A-2200, brand new $      45
L-443 Engine oil separator, Type B-8, P/N 218-SA, very good used contiion $      75
L-444 P-82 gunsight bracket assembly, P/N 122-61619, this is the bulkhead only, brand new $      85
L-445 B-12   suction relief valve, as used in the P-51, brand new $      65.
L-446 Pesco oil separator, Type 218-5A NOS $      65.
L-452 Packard exhaust stack nut for the -9 Pac kard engine, fits the larger stud, these are "brand new", still boxed


$   325. set
L-453 Packard exhaust stacks for the -9 engine, these are the latest design, heavy flange exhaust stacks, brand new, 6 lefts & 6 rights, $4,150.
L-454 Aftercooler header tank clamp, P/N 606466, brand new $     18.
L-455 P-51D late model throttle quadrant, exact repo made to exact specs, brand new $1,875.
L-457 P-63 wheel and tire, used as a spare on a P-51, both in good shape $1,900.
L-459 110 gal steel drop tanks, this pair is is in excellent condition with no rust or dents, tear drop with horizontal seam $ 8,500. pr
L-462 V-1650-9 supercharger drive housing, appears to be very good condition $  950.
L-463 50 cal display ammo, shiny brass, new projectiles with spent primer, finest available, bulk quantity discount available for orders of 100 or more $   2.50 ea
L-467 P-51 coolant door diastat, Robert Shaw X-848, brand new in NAA boxes $   325.
L-468 P-51 oil door diastat, Robert Shaw X-871, brand new in NAA boxes $   325.
L-469 Rolls Royce engine shipping container, steel container for Rolls Royce Aircraft engine, sand blasted & primed, (1) only $1,600.
L-470 Same as above, needs sandblasting and a coat of primer, (2) available $1,100.
L-471 V1650 aneroid for the supercharger boost control, brand new - still packaged $   325.
L-472 8 bent prop blades from (2) seperate accidents of a P-51 race plane from the 80's, (these did not involve injuries), experimental Ham-Std blades twisted & bent! $   650. ea
L-473 Pistons from stock V1650 engines, these are good - not from blown engines $     85.
L-474 Main landing gear actuator, no damage - just needs OH? $   575.
L-475 Bomb/drop tank racks, L & R with aluminum fairings and sway braces, good condition $4,850.
L-476 Wing tank fuel gauge, serviceable condition $   175.
L-477 P-51D hydraulic tank, presently dis-assembled, all part new/very good condition $1,750.
L-478 1 set of exhaust stacks, 1650-7, small studs, serviceable condition $2,300.
L-479 1 set L & R front & rear wing gun mounts sold as full set only $3,650.
L-480 Filler neck for fuselage tank, cast aluminum, you will need this some day! $   375.
L-481 1 pr P-51 main wheels with tires, good to have a spare set!  Good condition $2,250.
L-482 Coolant door actuator, OHC by Pete Regina Aviation, looks new! $1,850.
L-483 Engine part - upper cam drive bearing, P/N 602170, brand new $     28. ea
L-484 Engine part - drive coupler P/N 604084, new $     85. ea
L-485 Engine part - flame trap0s, brand new $    135.ea
L-486 Engine part - fuel pump adapter, P/N 605820 $    145.










LRA-1 75 gallon drop tanks, laser cut mounting hardware, inner reinforcement ribs, composite main body, replica fuel system, paint & stenciling incuded $ 5,500. ea
LRA-2 Radio rack & armor plate headrest, includes armor plate, headrest, radio destruct switch, SCR 522 radio, rear tank fuel gauge & battery box, paint, wiring & stenciling all included $ 6,500.
LRA-3 500 lb general purpose bomb, billet aluminum fuses, composite main body, steel mounting hardware, sheet metal fins, paint & stenciling included $ 5,500. ea
LRA-4 Rudder lower cap, constructed from vacuum bagged kevlar, excellent reproduction $   475. ea
LRA-5 Horizontal stabilizer end cap, constructed from vacuum bagged kevlar, excellent reproduction $   375. ea
LRA-6 One piece composite air trunk, constructed from vacuum bagged kevlar, honeycomb reinforced, included (2) carbon fiber mounting brackets $ 6,750.


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